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    Cool Seriously Hardcore FPS cheat

    I used to hack in BF3, BF4 and BF Hardline but I didn't use the aimbot so much because I was afraid that i would get caught fast. But Now I just want to cheat again In BF1 and I heard about Silent Aim, and that is an SERIOUSLY Cool and clever feature to use I have been playing with the new hack for 1 week. And I Use the Aimbot almost all the time, because its so freaking sneaky and smart developed cheat. And I am finally not Afraid to use the aimbot anymore.
    So I will thank FPSCheats and their Staff for their SUPER service, and for their effort so people like me and many others can have fun cheating securely in any game they provide cheats for :-D

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    We are glad to see that like our products that much and thanks for posting your review

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