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    Wink BF1 Hack - A Flame Free, Unbiased, Legitimate Review

    Let me just start by saying this: I've done my fair share of cheating, be it via FPSCheats or a different source. So with that being said, this review is going to be Specifically for the BF1 hack. Back in the day when I used to play Combat Arms I used FPSCheats. The hack was hilariously entertaining to use. Whether I played 'legit' or not. It was easy to use, did exactly as it advertised, and it was almost always undetected. Detection came into play when you started sniping people through the map from your spawn. The program itself was downloadable as a local file but otherwise unusable without a subscription.

    The BF3 hack was probably my favorite. It too worked as advertised, it was easy to set up, and never got patched that I know of. This hack (far as I can remember) was downloadable as a local file, and otherwise unusable without a subscription. The game-play was entertaining. I never got banned.

    The BF1 hack is slightly disappointing. I do hope that my sub doesn't get magically canned for saying that but I did say this review would be unbiased. While the hack works as advertised it was significantly more difficult to set up. Not saying that it's all that difficult, but when compared to the above 2 games it's definitely different. It took me (no novice to PC's) 2 hours to figure it out. Getting the hack itself installed and running takes all of about 15 minutes. Getting your Windows 10 (Not Pro) PC Firewall/Defender Service to leave the hack alone took me the other 1 hour, and 45 minutes. You cannot just turn off Window's Defender. Everything you google works; for the "Pro" version of Windows 10. However the ONLY thing that has worked for me is a Registry Key that I downloaded from a shady link off of a YouTube video. I would have really preferred not to have done that. This means that for the duration of the time this hack is on my PC, my PC is completely unprotected. I don't like that. If I want to turn Defender back on, it will delete the hack files, and every time I want to play with an aimbot, I would have to disable Defender, Re-download, re-install, restart, and then play. Tedious.

    As far as the hack itself goes, the in-game menu is abhorrently difficult to use compared to the aforementioned games. Prepare to spend the first 15 minutes in the main menu furiously clicking inside little boxes to 'tick' them. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally love this hack, as i'm getting older, and have less time to spend playing first person shooters. I absolutely loathe getting killed 14 times by a 16 year old kid with nothing else to do... Sweet, sweet, revenge.

    The only thing that I can find the hack itself doesn't do well (aside from the clunky menu) is with scoped rifles in the scout class. It doesn't lead the shots. It doesn't appear to be something it's intended to do either. So I can't really make this a complaint. More of an observation. It would be nice if this were an option.

    Now it sounds like i've regurgitated a lot of negativity towards the BF1 hack. It works exactly as advertised. Every aspect and/or feature of the hack is working. It will take your 0-15 KD/R and turn it into a 32-However many times you let people kill you. The color coding on the bounding boxes is very convenient, and greatly appreciated. There is plenty of customization to mess with. It even works in single player. Something the BF3 hack didn't do.

    Things it does well:
    Kills stuff.
    Makes you look legit. (Assuming you set it to)
    Makes you a god. (If you set it to)

    Things it doesn't do so well:

    TL;DR Keep up the good work FPSCheats and whoever it is that does all the dirty coding work. I F*****G love you.

    Also a big thanks to the Forum Mod's / Admin's for keeping up the forum and dealing with the hundreds of "My hack doesn't let me revive people" nonsense (it's not the hack). As well as answering people's questions whenever needed.

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    Thanks for posting up your review

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