Going to buy a new cabinet, because my Antec 900 is too small.
What I need space for is.

Motherboard: asus crosshair formula IV
Processor: amd 1090t
Cooling: antec 920 h2o
Memory: 8gb crucial ballistix
Video card: Asus HD6950 DirectCUII 2gb
Sound card: soundblaster audigy 2 zs
Hard disk drive: wd velociraptor 300gb, wd 750gb
Power supply: antec hcg-900
Chassis: antec 900
Operating System: W7 64 gamer

Also going to upgrade with one more Asus HD6950 DirectCUII and a ssd disk, not sure wich one :wink:

Needs to have a decent way to run cables, as the one I have sucks