First off lets establish the facts cause I see alot of confusion.

Are there hacks for the ps3?

A: Yes, first you have to crack your system though, in the begining the only person with acess was GeoHot (I think thats his name) and it required disecting your entire ps3 and rerouting things making a custom surge maker or some crap that slowed down the security for the system to a halt and let you acess read and write memory.

However, Things have come along since then. they have now made a software solution. It requires you plug in a third party device like an ipod or sothing else with usb acess to the ps3 counsole.

Once connected you transfer a hack file that cracks the security to the system, Kinda like the old homebrew for ps2 but no disk required.

The hack File is called 'JAIL BREAK'.

Is it dangerous to hack your ps3?

A: Yes very, Apparently sony has taken steps and with every update they make for thier system you need a new jail break to even use your system online period.

So even if you find a working jail break, and download all the free games in the world, soon as sony patches bam jail break is broke and you are banned on that counsole from ps network permanately.

But hey atleast you got free games right..

Is there another way to hack the game?

A: I believe there is a way to notepad edit certian files to make things like super jump ect.. However sony has already caught onto this I believe and patched it, you may be able to still do some of it offline for fun.. Look on youtube for ps3 call of duty hacks or ps3 hacks to get tutorials.

From what I have discovered through online research, I only know what I read if any of this proves to be false then my resource was incorrect I am sorry.

Hope you enjoyed this post,

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