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    General Questions for Bf2 Hack

    Hello everybody,
    i would like to play with the bf2 hack and have some questions.

    How long does it take, after i have payed the 20$ via paypal, that i can play with your hack?
    I only want to use your hack for one month as a "test", so i have to cancel it or is it automatically canceled?

    Would be very happy, if someone could help me, that i can do the payment in the next few days...

    With Kind Regards


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    Purchasing through paypal with a credit card or debit card attached to your account will gain you instant access.

    It is a recurring subscription so it is down to you to either cancel the sub in your paypal account or choose to let it auto renew after the 4 week access period.

    Instructions on how to cancel your subscription in your paypal account can be found here:

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