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    Airsoft Guns for sale or trade

    I want to sell two of AEG just for $200. I have a picture of it, and a shooting video of the AEGs.

    I want to sell Combat Machine AK, and JG MP5.

    First up I want to start with Combat Machine AK 47. Full stock, it goes around 370 FPS .20. It will included with 12 AK Magazine. It included one hicap as well. This gun use big battery connector. The battery is not included too. One missing part is the small pieces that hold the top reciever (seen 3rd picture). I used electric tape to hold it. It shoot great, very straight accuracy, and it never turn me down too. You will love it. Please watch the shooting test below of picture. Here's the picture..

    Shooting Test Combat Machine AK

    Now Here for JG MP5. two battery and two midcap included. One hicap is broken but will included. Speedloader is include too.

    Shooting Test JG MP5

    Everything is from Airsoft GI. = $156.00 = $110 = $5.00 = $24.00 = $65 = (two magazines) $30

    I spend over $300 on those stuff. I only want $200 *shipping price not include* for ALL, OR I am willing to trade a nice KWA M4 with magazines. Pm me if interested

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    That MP5 brings back memories. I wish I had a real MP5SD...

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