The faF Clan has been together now for over three years as a primarily hacking clan. We play just about every FPS out. Our member base is mixed with hack users and legit player that are tolerant/okay with that fact! If you have been looking for a clan that has been established and not just a fly by night one month old clan, then check us out. we have TS3 and a website/forums at for both site and TS3.

It is summer time and many members are out doing their business during the day, but come evening (US TZ's) we get busy. We need to fill our ranks and bulk up a bit more, so come check us out and hang out with us on TS3. Our clan name says it all, we are a bunch of gamers that are friends and we also have many of our family members playing with us. Many of us are old timers (Late 30's to 50's) and we ave many that are in their teens, so anyone can fit in!!!!!

When you come into TS let'em know Slopoke sent you from here.