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    Debug package

    Whats the diff in Master package ($20) and High Roller ($35), both have same amount of time and same type of hacks. I dont understand why would some1 pay $15 extra for same amount of days :?: :?:

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    High Rollers get to test hacks before released to the other members. This will include testing the BF3 and MOH2 hacks before other members.

    High Rollers get one free reset per week or name change. this is normally $10 each time for members of the master pack.

    500 post count added

    high roller 'babe' section

    high roller avatar and signature sets plus special rank bars

    high roller shout box and high roller sections

    the staff check high roller sections first when help is needed.

    in the future there could be HR only hacks that will not be available to reg members

    Just a few months ago there was a highroller only cruise give away that was valued over $5K and one of our HR members won it a few weeks ago.

    If none of that appeal to you, the regular $20 membership will be just fine.

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