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    Few more questions.
    Is it posible for me to trade a game for a cheat? I have mw2 and black ops that i want to sell.
    When i buy the hack, how do i use it? Is it an .exe open go file? If i scan it will it show up as virus or if i open it? When i open the program, do i have to log in or something? When do i know my time has passed, will hack stop oppening or working?

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    If you wish to sell your game to someone to fund the purchase of our forum, that is between you and the person buying. We take no responsibility in such sale. However, we as a site do not take trades.

    The loader is a exe and no file moving or deleting. It self updates.

    The loader will show as a virus but that is due to the security measures in place and the packer.

    Our coders take loader security very serous.

    once your 28 days of forum access runs out, so does access to the free hacks included with your forum access.

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