We're taking on ONLY hacks

Accepting rage soldiers as well as 'lay low' soldiers.... and actually we prefer you have both.

When ragin'... go ahead and wear the gotfr.ag tag.
You don't have to be a member to wear the gotfr.ag tag.
The tag when typed in game is: gotfr.ag
The brackets are auto-added by the game.
Spread the luv if you want... we're not an "in the closet" sort of clan.

We have our own TS3 server, irc services, as well as everything else you would expect a clan to have.

We're not always raging servers, but we do play almost every night.

if you're interested in becoming an official member... register at http://members.gotfr.ag and then post a screenshot in the "Prove It" gallery.
(We expect to see the hack's menu along with a decent score on the scoreboard)