GiBiMpulse, paypal removed your sub, not us. This happened because you asked, and we obliged, for your CSS sub to be switched to the master hack sub. You already had an active sub on your master pack and I added the time from the CSS onto that master pack sub. Now, your ORIGINAL master pack sub time just expired and paypal tried to auto renew it but you had cancelled the sub so couldn't. Therefore, due to paypal not being able to collect the sub payment (due to your cancellation) it removed your access, NOT us!

You talk of our customer service not being as good as it says it is; you had trouble getting the CSS hack working, I personally offered to teamviewer you to get it going for you and you declined. You asked for a sub switch and we obliged. You post accusing us of removing your sub and I post a full explanation of how it was paypal and not us. It seems that some people just can't be pleased!

I've fixed your sub for you.