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    Read this if your unsure about purchasing this hack...

    There is no better hack for Combat Arms out there. If someone has told you there is they are flat out lying. I have tried every FPS hack site that exists and offers the best Combat Arms hacks I have ever used.

    I would mention the other sites I've used but to be honest most of them have made me so angry I want to punch the wall just thinking about them.

    Go for it, get a subscription here. They use client side hacks for CA that ARE ALWAYS UP. If the hacks should go down DE.BUG has them up in a matter of hours. (dead serious)

    I'm writing this to any newcomers because I've NEVER had an issue here that wasn't fixed in under an hour. I never have to wait for recodes because DE.BUG is ALWAYS on top of his game. No there are no serverside hacks for CA here and do you know why? Because server side hacks get quick patched by NEXON in a heartbeat! You could goto another site that offers SS hacks but you will be waiting days probably weeks for a recode ~ that I absolutely promise. Don't waste your time with other's just not worth the time and money.

    I love this site, it's staff, and hacks so much if your still not convinced (and don't think I'm a real user) feel free to txt me at this number admin edit and I will answer any user related questions you have. No I don't work for and NO I don't have to go this far...but I am because that's how level of quality and trust I have with!

    THERE ISN'T A BETTER CHOICE ~ DO YOURSELF A FAVOR STOP SECOND GUESSING AND SUBSCRIBE ALREADY! I have been in your shoes and I'm "that guy" that searched the net over for the best FPS game hacks...I found them here. No bullshit. Like I said if you want to ask me anything about the hacks or service here txt me.

    Good luck and happy hacking!

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    Thanks for the very kind words, g0rchild, and we're glad you're happy here with us.

    I've edited out your phone number as it is a lovely gesture for you to offer potential customers a chance for you to verbally tell them of our services, I feel you may get some prank calls and would rather you didn't.

    Many thanks again though. :wink:

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