rotest: I did not expect from this site for all the moderators and administrators forget me and leave enough time for my payment expired in 4 weeks 20 USD for VIP and not getting it to work all this time the hack that has a reputation for be so good.
I expected them to send me a PM for 7 last days and have not had the courtesy to call me, but if you keep the money that has not been for nothing. I do not think they like in other forums know that you do not solve the problems of their users and do not get their money back or extend the time period to pass the VIP if the problem is beyond them.
They have helped me a lot (hacker98) but did not solve the problem.
I hope that this MP published, get in touch with me (hacker98 and moderators) to give me an explanation and solution of these 4 weeks unsuccessful. :argue: I have my mail in my profile. I hope this thread will last long enough for them to read the users of this forum and you give me solution. I also expect to be the only player who has this happened.
Not to be discourteous and expose this message as good users and you and I enjoy this site, taking each his own .. :3some:
Thank you all.

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