As for the good of incidents lately, the recent bomb attack in Moscow has been brought in connection with - video game

On Monday in Moscow took a terrorist attack in which a suicide bomber killed more than 35 people, while many more were wounded and. It turns out that the attack was carried out using five pounds of explosives by a man 'or Caucasian Arab' origin. The attack occurred on the arrival terminal, the Moscow airport.

Sounds familiar? Remember those controversial scenes from Modern Warfarea 2 in which a member of the American secret service drop among Russian extremists and to help them do the slaughter of Russian civilians in the airport? Although this is probably the worst part of the game, a mission not even need to play because you are offered the option to skip it, it is this mission is called into question by the journalists of Russia Today Russian television.
Journalists in connection causing the said mission, and recent bomb attack while wondering whether the right Modern Warfare 2 could indicate an attack on another heated fanatical head. Thereby, they hosted a couple of 'informed' who confirmed that it is something quite possible, as a journalist finds favor shock over the fact that Modern Warfare Activision 2 brought more than a billion dollars of earnings.

So, once the problem is not in society, neither in education nor in politics nor in the media that people make informed decisions representations ruthless violence, the problem is in video games! Abolish them were damned!(my ass)
If you ask me This is a load of shit.

The airport has been the target of terrorist attacks before. For example, back in 2004, two suicide bombers got through security and killed 90 people.

Now think about it... MW2 came out in 2009 and this airport has been attacked every so often since 2004... and that nothing has really changed with the most recent attack compared with the previous ones...

Oh look, there is no connection.