So I just orderd a evga geforce gtx 460, 768 megabit version. I've read countless review's where they tested it against the gtx 465 and it did as well or better in most cases with less heat and power consumption. Now i know there are other good card's, from both ati and nvidia but this card had me from the start. The only negative i read about it was playing the new final fantacy game. I don't play it so i don't care. Bought from which is one of the best site's to buy from.

Along with the card come's all the accessorie's and a free tom clancy's hawx 2 game. Any opinion's on this game? Is it worth it to play?
Now I have nothing against ati, I've just alway's used nvidia card's and have alway's had good luck. I'am upgrading from 2 8500gt's that just took a dump after 2 year's. Yes i know they aren't that great but they worked for the game's i played, Crysis on min setting's, diablo 2, combat arm's, and call of duty. Not a heavy gamer. Now the gtx maybe over kill for what im playing, But it was 169$ with a 10$ mail in rebate which is right in my price range. Even a 9 series card from nvidia is like 90$ and the gtx460 is an excellent card for the price. Sure there maybe a few ati card's in the same price range that might be a tiny bit faster or what ever but I could care less. Again nothing against them. I know there are plenty of ati die hard fan's on this site.

All in all I'am mainly just wondering if any one on this site use's this card or one simaler and if they like it/what they don't like about it.

Here are my pc stat's.

core 2 quad cpu. current 2.9 ght. can OC if needed easily.
asus p5n32-e sli motherboard.
4 gig's of ddr2 ram. (upgrading to 8 gig's soon)
500gig HD
window's 7 32 bit
19inch lcd, upgrading to a 23" led soon enough.

I understand my cpu may bottleneck my gtx460 but again, for the game's i use it on, unless i max crysis I won't have any issue's.