I got a question today from someone about a Intel motherboard. I am not Intel savvy at all.

What the person wants:

cpu chip intel 950 1366
will be using triple channel dominator GT ram at 1600 6 gigs
GFX evga GTX470 - 2 of them
xfi sound card.
everything will be water cooled - (bridge, gfx, cpu, ram) WC'er will be a custom built unit, she will make herself.

wants in a mobo:
pci-e 4 four slots * can be 3
must have at least 1 pci slot * a must
built in bluetooth * a must
dual LAN connections *this is a must
x58 * a must
6.0 gb sata connection - at least one and at least five 3.0 sata on board connections. six would be perfect for a total of seven

Would like to go with EVGA or ASUS

budget $700 for the MOBO