Hello !

Im selling my wow account with priest and druid.

The priest is full wrathful with 2k ratin shoulders and 264 ilvl pvp weapons and it has also tier 10 pvp shadow proiest set and kingslayer tittle from icc10.
It has 6070 pve gearscore and 6170 pvp gearscore.

Jewelcrafting and mining

The druid has around 5800 pve gearscore and 5900 pvp gearscore , it has diferent set sfor healer or dps.

Herbalism and alchemy.

8500 gold.

I have an auction at mmobay , u can check pictures there if u want.


If you want more info contact me via private msg or ask here directly.

If you are interested the "buy it now" is set to 250 euro at mmobay , but for fpscheats members i can set it at 175 euro.

This is European account, Spanish server, but u can move it with transfer service.