So I got a desktop PC with an integrated graphics card. Bus type is standard PCI.

Here is an image of my motherboard:


I ran Microsoft's Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor program and it says that I need a graphics card upgrade in order for this computer to support windows 7.

I need to upgrade to a newer graphics card but I don't know if motherboards with integrated graphics cards support upgrades.

I did a little google search and I learned that the requirements for graphics cards compatibility are simply having the correct bus type and I think also the correct power suppy and operating system.

*If I can upgrade my graphics card then I would be able to install Windows 7 on this computer and if I have Windows 7 installed then it can support Directx 10 graphics cards, so I would be able to have a better gameplay with Combat Arms.

[I will only reveal the specs of my PC to an admin.]

***Anyways, I found 3 graphics cards that are bus type PCI but I don't know if simply because they are PCI they will actually be supported in my motherboard.

Here are the links of the graphics cards i found with a simple google search (I don't really know much about graphics cards though..).

Note: if these links are not allowed I will immediately remove them and/or you can lock this topic (sorry if it isn't allowed but idk if it really isn't.)




****Anyways, can someone enlighten me with information about this? Maybe if you can explain me about graphics card compatibility, things to look for or I don't know... any information will help me.

Thanks in advance for those that post a response ^^