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TTHModded Lobbys stands for TheTechHoster Modded lobbys. I and a few friends are going to start hosting lobbys for Xbox360 and 360 only. So please come join us soon. If you want to join Post your GT Bellow and one day you will receive a party invite/ Game invite once you've been in the game please post a Testimonial Here or on my youtube found bellow.

Wall hack
Tenth spinning
Give ac130
All challenges unlocked and camos
Auto aim - Function on/off
UFO mode
God mode
Infinite ammo
Kill all players - Donators only.
Kill players on kick - Donators only

I will try and get 70 on spawn PM My inbox for more details.
This lobby will be hosted soon Im buying the Jtag i have all codes ready but it depends if my bid wins

EDIT: Please subscribe and visit my youtube at
Also have any inquires into a JTag or Modding your gamertag etc please PM me on Youtube Not on this site . YOU WILL BE IGNORED