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Thread: clan

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    Quote Originally Posted by raiders84
    THe best legit person is Islands, he is a wogl pro and he has i think a 3+ kd, he is also a wogl champion..
    Good to know really. 8)

    I've played with K_aos before, along with various others on the top 100. Anyone with a 3.00 legit, is hard pressed to keep that going I'm sure. I know the one I played with on my team is in the 200's, but a 3.03 ratio and a skill to match it. I'm glad they were on my side. :lol:

    Yes I've played in a OMA match with greatfullded, not a big deal really when it comes down to it. Sure you played in a match with the #1 in CA, but also it shows to others, Nexon will protect their #1 like a guardian angel. :roll:

    Anyone gets too close and they seem to, just magically banhammer anyone nearby. I don't know what really got Madgil, or any others within the top 10 but still. They sure go out of their way, to stop anyone from passing him. Obviously hackers made it to GoA but still, that was a stupid thing and rather obvious. If I made near the top 100, I'd pretty much go legit and have fun with friends instead. :?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OKIESHACKER
    omg noobs u think gd would post that he is a member he is but he wouldnt admit to it just becuase you are a dumbass dont think he is im not to far behind him i wont tell you who i am u teamview me watch me play and still worship the ground and say im the best legit person you have ever seen rofl
    was that rant really necessary?

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    PaidC wishes she was GFD :P
    I actually got invited to WCC but I stopped playing, plus there's some members there I don't like...

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