Any requests should be made in this section and not the download only sections. Please add [REQ] to your thread when making a request. Once that request is fulfilled please create a new thread for it in its respective section and link the requester to your fulfilled share. Please do not post the share in the same thread where the request was made. Sharez with broken or dead links will be brought to the original posters attention, if it's not updated that same week the post will be removed. Also, a request will be removed after 1 month if it has no reply's. We are not responsible for anything that happens with Rapidshare account sharing. Share accounts at your own risk. If someone posts asking to borrow a Rapidshare account and no one had done so within a few days, the post will be removed.

When posting sharez please follow this format.
For apps & software - Post the application name & version if possible - i.e. Fraps 3.0.3
For games - Post the game name only - i.e. Call of Duty 4
For movies - Post the name of the movie followed by [year] then format - i.e Iron Man[2008]DVDRip
For music - Post artist followed by album name. i.e Slayer - World Painted Blood

I have made this post before, I have posted in this section and I have sent some of you Pm's. If anyone is found to have failed to check their files it will likely end your ability to post in this section. Yes it is wise as always to scan what you download before you use it. However too many of you find this off god knows what places and then just post them up here! It needs to stop. Or your posts will be removed. I would hate to see someones VIP actually be put on the line because they continue to upload files they they do not check
ALL FILES will be checked for viruses BEFORE you upload them here.

Do not make false accusations on alleged infected posts. Supply a screen shot with your claim or this can also jeopardize your VIP membership.

Rules may be updated at the moderators discretion.