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    Help with my fund raise

    Hello MCA member. I just need a little help with the fund raise. I am doing a fund raise for the semi-pro team. We have alot of players. I would be glad if you could help me. The money that we get from this will go towards supplies we REALLY need like first aid kit, extra equipment for helmets and shoulder pads. PM me if you would like to order.

    There will be $10 plus for shipping.

    Heres the image for the order form. You just tell me in PM what u want, ill fill it out for you. All of the total you wanted to order, will be extra $10 shipping. We can do through paypal. Give me ur text number, i will keep in touch with you to get ur order. I really need this gone. (DONT WORRY ABOUT THE CHECK)

    If you want to check out the official Scorpions website,

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    In my opinion that comes under advertising.

    But good luck on collecting the funds, just checked out the website!

    Who created it? nicely done.

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