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    PSP Tutorial: How To Play PSP Games (ISO/CSO/EBOOT)

    PSP Tutorial: How To Play PSP Games (ISO/CSO/EBOOT) last one was better done with videos...but from here on out it will be (i believe) mostly my work now.

    If you have not modded you PSP Please proceed the the First Tutorial on how to modify your PSP Here

    Now if you have followed it and have successfully modified your PSP (or already had it done) we can move onto the next tutorial...How To Play PSP Games

    Before continuing on i would just like to describe to you a few things

    The first being the formats...there are 3 main formats...

    .ISO - Most commonly is the format most PSP Games downloaded come in

    .CSO - For those who have downloaded my games in the Game Download Section, you may have noticed they are NOT in ISO but a CSO format...all it is, is a compressed version of ISO...almost the same, except CSO is compressed more...think of ISO as a ZIP format and CSO as a has a higher compression than the ZIP format...but they both compress...and are usable...the same applies to the difference between ISO and CSO for PSP's

    .EBOOT - This is most commonly used by LEGIT Downloaded PSP Games by Sony off of the PlayStation Network (PSN)...however, it can also be used for PSX (PS1/PSONE...all same thing, different name) and applications and emulators.

    Now that that is out of the way let us move on.

    First thing to do is to upgrade your PSP Firmware to a later do this you must first have an update on your psp TOO update it... is what we do, first plug your PSP into a USB, and connect it to the computer...go INTO the memory stick/removable hard drive (which is your PSP Memory Stick) and you should be at the root of it...and there should be a few things there but mainly there should be a PSP Folder...if so...this is were you should be...(do not click on it).

    Next download's all pre-prepared...just extract...into your PSP Memory card (NOT THE PSP FOLDER) and overwrite...

    Disconnect...go to the Game part on your PSP...than go to Memory Stick...and then look for a M33-6 will start the update...install the update...and done

    Once the update is finished you have completed the FIRST can either call it quits on so you may play the most RECENT GAMES

    what do i mean by this? Well sony, being the bunch of a$$holes they are...decided to update the PSP firmware one more time...but this time...making it so that you had to be ON THAT FIRMWARE OR ABOVE in order to play the games that have come out...after this time...

    The games i have put in the download section at the moment can be played without the next part...but if you want to play the REALLY new games...that came out...after must press on unfortunately.

    But before all must DOWNLOAD the may get it yourself...or you may browse my thread to see if there is one/i have the one you want. that is:


    So if the above applies to on...if not...skip down to where it says "NOW WHERE TO PLACE THE GAMES?"


    For those interested in updating it's not THAT involves practically what has been done so far...just with a different thing..

    why couldn't we have done this first you might ask? Because...the people who made THIS patch made it so you must update it to at least the m33 series -,-...

    in any case the same thing...just download this

    extract...overwrite...go back to where you went before...start up the update...blah blah blah...install...done...

    Now...if that DIDN'T work...please download this...overwrite..and install THIS...after THIS one is done...THAN go to the above one and overwrite that one...and retry to install should work than...

    the reason i said that is because the first one is a D-3 version...the second is just the D version (aka D-1) says the D-3 can update from m33...but just to be safe i put both...since i myself did the D update first..THAN the D-3

    now that all this is done...we can move onto


    WHERE TO PUT THE GAMES now we have the next part...the games themselves and where they go...

    For the PSP Games themselves...(either ISO or CSO Format Games) they go into a folder you will now create...remember the root of the memory stick? Where the PSP folder was located? Okay, now make a new folder and call is ISO

    just place the games in there...nothing more nothing less...

    As for the Emulators...and the PSONE/X/1 games...and applications...they go somewhere else...and that can be left for The next tutorial...

    If you have any problems playing the games as of now...please proceed to the Help thread before proceeding to the next tutorial

    PSP Questions/Problems/FAQs/Etc...


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    Nice, I love how I made a tutorial on how to jailbreak Ipod Touch/Iphone, no one responded

    I'll probably get into modding PSP's, as my friends recognize me as a mager device hacker.

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