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    Join this group facebook for people who hate lag and invite

    Hello all join this facebook group obviously you have to have facebook i thought it would be a bit of fun and invite all the people you can IT IS FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE LAG !!**71060&ref=nf

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    nope i don't have facebook and i refuse to get's pointless for me...i have enough sites i go to and i rather not get another...if people wana contact me they hit my up on msn or call me at home...or talk to me at school...

    and as for lag i played BF2 for over 2 years with less than 5 FPS...and i'm not kidding about was actually probably less than that but i'm tired tired to think

    granted i have an insane computer right now that can run any game on all high everything and still do thing in the background....i don't mind lag

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    I made a FPSCheats facebook group a long time ago.

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