I know its not really an FPS as such but there is quite a bit of room for python injection on EVE online - there isnt much that is left client side but the client itself is what prevents things like overloading modules, reading player locations - if you could get a cham system or enhanced indication of modules / ship types from what loads on the HUD then that would sell ridiculously fast. In terms of getting working chams you would have to work out how the granny 3 engine renders ship information locally. its definitely local data because if you bunk your connect speed you can be attached by an unloaded ship which progressively loads - block data packets and u have different bits not loading right.

Im not experienced enough to do any of it myself but it is definitely possible - just need somone to go out and do it


as a side, anyone have any idea if there is anything one can do if they rent their own BF4 server in view of boosting or mods etc for extra rewards/battlepacks or reporting large point values back. for instance If I can change a battle report to appear like I have achieved more then I have by sending different data from my server. Is there something I can install that would allow me to for instance multiply the kills of a player - or play against ghost players that arent really there but collect kills from their "npc" place holders?