Planetside 2 will be a big game to hack. Not to mention it being free to play which would give users something to go to when their favorite hacks are down.

The thing is, it'll most likely be very very demanding on CPU's to draw the ESP around up to 250+ players in a given area, and aimbot features will be even more demanding -- not to mention the cluster **** of ESP in corridor / tower / base encounters.

Vehicle combat is also very very big in this game to a point of 25:1 versus Battlefield 3 (I remember doing a 75 man Reaver raid in Planetside 1, where Reaver's are the games single manned Helicopter).

Planetside 2 will also be contracted to multiple anti-cheat programs (Punkbuster confirmed -- two others unconfirmed) which may make things a bit more difficult to get through. I think De.bug is always up for challenges though.