hey all im a member here been for a while i am a huge pain in the azz sometimes. and give leet headaches ;o) but i gotta tell ya something i have been around to a good amount of sites and i can tell ya for sure you are not gonna find a site like this anywhere the people are great the admins are helpful and leet puts up with a lot of crap but helps out 100% no where else are you gonna get hacks like the ones here no where else will you get the service you get here .. some of the sites out there have a sharez section lmao they are nothing compared to what we have ... some times i whine about hack releases even though i only have to wait a week lol but some of the stuff i get in sharez has paid my membership 10 times back so why did i waste all your time 1 ive been drinking muhahahaha and 2 your not gonna find a better site out there ANYWHERE so come join the family ;o)