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here is another kick a$$ website, I have gotten MANY recipies from, Galveston I am sure you know of this one, if not give it a look, I found the BEST veal recipe on it! yummmmm veal!
Darnit...SAG must be asleep at the wheel so I found this site that might be to his liking since he hasn't told me what he has to work with. Gonna have to check this one out to see how I can modify some of the recipes and add a "Texas" touch to them! tell you what I'll do...I'll register there and ask some of you guys from "Down Under" what kind of wood you guys use to smoke meats with and we can go from there. I am sure that I can hook you up with the proper spices and depending on what meats you use down there then we are good to go!

Check this site out as it has some pretty good stuff to show you non Australians how they cook...at least from the few recipes I just checked out.


Could someone tell me if kangaroo meat is lean...gamey tasting? Darn things look like big squirrels to me but I am always up to learning more about cuisine/cooking from other regions