...had several members asking about BBQ and good recipes so thought I'd share some good stuff here. I am sure that with members from all over the world that we can come up with some good stuff here...other than my "Texas Style" cooking. Down here I prefer to cook over indirect heat...ie a smoker with an attached firebox...but even with a small grill or a gas grill you can achieve the same results by remembering to cook slow over indirect heat.

----====Wild Boar Braised Tenderloin====----

1 teaspn Ancho Chili Powder
1 teaspn Ground Cumin
1 teaspn Salt
1 teaspn Cinnamon
½ teaspn Black Pepper
½ teaspn White Pepper
½ teaspn Allspice
¼ teaspn Garlic Powder
¼ teaspn Chipotle Chili Powder
1 Wild Hog Tenderloin
1 teaspn Olive Oil
3 tblspn Honey
1 tblspn Minced Garlic
1 ½ Pepper Sauce

Prep heat oven 350 degrees
Coat small roasting pan with olive oil spray. In small bowl, combine cumin, ancho chili powder,, salt, black pepper, white pepper,, allspice, garlic powder, chipotle chili powder. Mix well. In small bowl, mix olive oil, honey minced garlic, & pepper sauce. Whisk to bend together. With large frying pan or skillet brown all side of tenderloin, transfer to roasting pan. With basting brush brush honey pepper sauce mixture over tenderloin. Cook tenderloin for 15 to 20 minutes or until thermometer reaches 160 or juices run clear. Remover from over and baste once more. Let meat rest, cut to medallions.

You can make this also using hardwood for your smoke source instead of the oven. I usually use Pecan wood here and smoke the meat at about 180 degrees for about an hour before transferring to the pan and finish it in the oven.

On a small grill or gas grill just get some hardwood chips...wet them down....wrap them in some foil with a few holes punched in it to let the smoke out. Place the foil wrapped wood over a heat source and you have smoke!

....more to come!!