I'll keep this short and to sum up my opinion of the BF1... the cheat is BRILLIANT!

You do need to follow the instructions precisely and use the bcdedit command to disable integritychecks permanently. Also you have to disable secure boot and leave it off permanently. Add an exception to your virus scanner so it ignores the folder the cheat is saved in. The cheat software is protected its NOT a virus. Also if you think you are special and you can install things your own way, once again the universe and the cheat will tell you that you can't, SO FOLLOW THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS PRECISELY.

Cheats works like the videos.

THE BEST PART is that the cheat works really, really, really well, not perfectly, so it doesn't take the fun out if the game and most importantly you won't get a FF ban.

As for the website i.e this forum, it works great. Payment is via PayPal and integrates perfectly. As soon a PayPal puts money in The Creators account you get access (around 5 mins). If you are a silly sausage and can't get your head around the install procedure, create a new thread and have a cry, The Creators LOVE IT. In fact they love it so much they will reply to you in less than 5 minutes in my experience and get you up and running in minutes.

Love this site 10/10