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    Can't beat FPScheats

    I have been a member for a couple years now .Was ready to give up gaming ,knew people were cheating ,but find that an even playing field helps . The aimbot works great with the 4x scopes & the ESP is the best feature they offer. Knowing where everyone is on a map , makes this game so much easier and more fun. I've only been knifed a couple times in years.

    When I first joined ,I mistakenly injected the cheat while ingame. Got me banned immediately. So for all the newbies : DO NOT INJECT THE HACK WHILE IN-GAME ! Been playing to level 130 now, without any problems .

    The staff at FPS is great . I've had a couple problems ( I'm an idiot with computers) & Head has bailed me out a few times .lol.
    Bottom line is ,if you play smart & don't go crazy , this is the ONLY place to get safe cheats .
    Viva La FPScheats !

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    Hello zenyster4953, thanks for the kind words We are always here to help should you or anyone else need it

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