I've been using this hack since 2009 and there's a reason for that. Simply the BEST! This hack gives you the ability to play like a PRO and look LEGIT with the right settings, but also is powerful enough to destroy any other hacker out there.
The menu is very simple and that's awesome! Very easy to navigate through and switch features from off to on, very simple.

My favorite feature from the hack has to be the Aimbot. From my 5 years of hacking and trying out different public/vip hacks none of them ever came close to having such lethal aimbot as the one provided by De.bug which is the coder of the hack. The aimbot is perfect for battling hackers but can also be toned down to look legit and you'll never twitch or do anything that might seem fishy.

If you have a high rank account and would like to hack but want to minimize the chances of getting banned i highly suggest the use of the CA hacks provided here. From my 5 years of hacking I have never been banned or suspended for hacking. I still continue to play on the same account.

In my opinion this hacks are the best hacks to configure to play very good and look legit but also to destroy any other hacker that crosses the line.

I'm proud to say that I have never lost a battle vs another hacker. No matter what hack that person may have been using.

Seriously.. the aimbot is beast... no other hack site can match it.