I have been away for a while and just returned to see how you guys are doing. It seems as though the website is different, so I am trying to find my way around. I could not locate the old General Public threads, so I hope it is ok to post my questions here. I see BF4 cheat is "up" as well as BF3. Did you guys make both BF3 and 4 available by DeBug as 1 cheat (as a package) or would I require separate purchases? I was wondering if DeBug would be planning a cheat for BF Hardline? I see that is now open as Beta for a while, do you know if he will be making one for that game as well and if so, is there any eta? I know you guys were also using and encouraging we see your "sister" site but my memory is not what it used to be, would you mind reminding me of the name or location of it as well? Thank you as always, you guys have been great, hope to be using your product again very soon!