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    (BF4) Legally blind and looking at this for help.

    Hi I've been playing bf4 and bf3 for a while on and of and really love the game and playing with friends but I'm legally blind and only have a little bit of vision in my left eye remaining which makes me really struggle with the game (my kda is off the change! in the bad way). i decided to look into any visual aids and s tumbled across this site. i'm actually really happy i came here because the features on the bf4 programs se4ems liek it could help me alot and having some more fun with my friends. i would probably only use the red squares to highlight players and auto fire over cross hairs, the other features like anti recoil don't bother me so much i still want to play the game.

    I just my question is do you is do this still allow you to play the game without actually taking over, i want assistant but i dont want the computer playing the game for me. and what are the chances of getting banned using this system?

    Thanks heaps for any help in advance.

    Is this the same group as i only ask as this site was advertised on their facebook.

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    Responded over at ILC.

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