DayZ Standalone Hacks Cheats and Aimbots

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DayZ SA Hacks

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Cheat Features: This Feature List Will Vary Depending on the Cheat Your Using.

The aimbot is coming soon!

Enemy colors: allows you to adjust the color the enemy BB shows
Friendly color: allows you to adjust the color your team shows
Misc color: allows you to adjust the color for items, like drink & tools
All these option also have a fade slider to fade cheat graphics
Font: click > to choose the font you wish, 5 different available
Name: when checked displays the name of friendly and enemy players
Survivor: when checked shows survivors
Zombie: when checked shows Zombie BB
Distance: when checked shows the distance between you, other players and Zombie’s
Items: click > this allows you to see items or to disable them
Boundingboxes: when checked will draw BB around players and Zombies

Draw FPS: will draw FPS in the right upper corner of your screen
Draw time: will draw time in the right upper corner of your screen.
Draw resolution: will draw your resolution in the right upper corner
Crosshair: press > to choose one of the 5 crosshair available.

Radar fade: slider to fade the Radar
Radar Size: allows you to adjust the size of the radar
Crosshair: Red – Green and Bleu allows you to adjust your crosshair color
Save settings: allows you to save 4 different settings in 4 different slots
Load settings: allows you to load one of your settings fast
Reset settings: reset all the settings to default

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Driver mode to help keep you hidden from developers

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