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    Rust Cheats Hacks Aimbot

    Rust EXPERIMENTAL Hacks Cheats and Aimbots

    If your looking for real Working Hacks, Cheats or Aimbots to use in the popular Rust
    game, then you found the right place. is a huge community dedicated to publishing and using
    the most Popular Cheats for online first person shooter games. Don't mess with the Free ESP Hacks and
    Aimbot for Rust or you might get an instant ban. Instead use our VIP cheats and get the most
    Secure Cheat in the business. Sign Up and Download Cheats Now.

    Rust Hacks

    Rust is the most popular MMO game out this year. Sign up now for VIP access and get our Rust Hack
    and let us take you to a whole new level of killing mayhem. With our Rust Cheat you can always see
    other players on the map and tell what weapons they carry. Never worry about being attacked from above or
    behind as you can always see everyone at all times. We have the best tech support and best Rust
    hacks you can use anywhere so sign up now!


    Cheat Features: This Feature List Will Vary Depending on the Cheat Your Using.

    Silent Aim - Makes it so your not aiming at someone but you still kill them
    Headshot Option - Kill with head shots or turn it off for chest only
    Friends List - Never kill your friend again
    Bullet Drop Correction - Long distance shots still head dead on target
    Movement Prediction - Running players are still hit dead on target
    Auto Switch - Target will switch to new target once previous one is killed
    Visibility Checks - Makes sure player is visible before locking onto target
    No Recoil - Guns have no recoil
    Anti Sway - Weapons don't sway

    Name - Displays name of Player
    Distance - Displays distance to Player
    Snap Lines - Displays lines from you to the Players
    On Radar - Displays Players on the radar
    Player Box - Places a Bounding Box around the Players
    Proximity - Displays alert of Players close to you
    Color - Color the player ESP will show

    Name - Displays Tag of Zombie
    Distance - Displays distance to Zombie
    Snap Lines - Displays lines from you to the Zombies
    On Radar - Displays Zombies on the radar
    Zombie Box - Places a Bounding Box around the Zombies
    Proximity - Displays alert of Zombies close to you
    Color - Color the Zombie ESP will show

    Resources - Adjustable Color for ESP
    Item - Adjustable Color for ESP
    Animal - Adjustable Color for ESP
    Misc - Adjustable Color for ESP
    Sleepers - Adjustable Color for ESP

    Active - Enable or disable the Crosshair
    Size - Change the size of the Crosshair
    Apart - Adjust the distance (spread) of the Crosshair
    Color - The color of the Crosshair

    2D RADAR
    Active - Enable or disable the Radar
    Size - Adjusts the size of the radar
    Line Color - Changes the color of the radar's lines
    BG Color - Changes the color of the radar background

    Name Tag - Enable/Disable Tags
    Distance Tag - Enable/Disable Distance
    Sphere - Enable/Disable Spheres
    2D Box - Enable/Disable 2D Box
    On Radar - Enable/Disable showing Info on Radar
    Save/load Settings - Save all your settings and favorite load outs

    Brand new anti-cheat built into our loader for added protection
    Driver mode to help keep you hidden from developers
    VAC Bypass and full CheatPunch Bypass

    No Fall Damage - Removes any damage received when using speed or super jump
    Daytime only - Make it stay day all the time
    Auto gather - Targets trees and gathers wood for you (must be holding a pick)
    SuperJump - Jump high in the sky like your superman

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