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    WarZ Quick Question.

    Is the Unlimited Stamina, and Noclip, and Mountain Climber still work? If so I'll be purchasing it right now.

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    Re: WarZ Quick Question.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ustream
    Is the Unlimited Stamina, and Noclip, and Mountain Climber still work? If so I'll be purchasing it right now.
    Thanks to Kaged for the following:

    The War Z cheat by De.Bug is now available and has many features available for you to use.
    There are some features that have been left out for good reason. Those features lead to fast bans.

    Please read before using!

    First we want to touch on the FairFight system they are using.
    As you enter various levels of warnings a red message will appear in global chat, this is from the server.
    Once you get to Level 3 Monitoring you will be banned shortly.
    If you get a warning they seem to clear out after a day, at least mine did.
    If you keep raging you can end up banned so stop playing or at least stop aimbotting people for 24 hours.

    These are all automated responces from the FairFight system.

    These are due to you triggering thier statistics ****yzer FairFight.

    Anytime you do something that doesn't match thier base model of what they say a person can do then your flagged.
    This can be stats, hit accuracy, kills, amount of loot picked up in a certain time frame, amount of Global Inventory, Distance traveled in a certain frame, etc..., etc....

    All these have base values set by FairFight, the second you dont meet thier base value you get flagged.
    Sadly it doesnt take a cheat to get flagged.
    Even a legit player gets these because thier base value is set ridiculously low.

    Remember FairFight is a statistics ****yzer and bans players who do not meet thier base value set as to what they feel a legit player can do.

    Do you look legit?

    So we wanted to test and see what it was like for NEW players and how FairFight might track stats when your playing. I had 4 staff members test WarZ for 45 minutes on servers ranging from 32 players to 90 players. We all played WITHOUT CHEATS to see how many players we spotted, how many times we died, how many items we found and how many people we killed. Here is what we found. NOTE: This testing was done with newly created characters.

    First Tester
    Test Time: 45 Minutes
    Came in Contact: 4 other players
    Items Found: 13 (didn't pick them all up)
    Died: 2 times
    Killed: 0

    Second Tester
    Test Time: 45 Minutes
    Came in Contact: 9 other players
    Items Found: 4
    Died: 4 times
    Killed: 0

    Third Tester
    Test Time: 45 Minutes
    Came in Contact: 12 other players
    Items Found: 29
    Died: 10 times
    Killed: 0

    Third Tester
    Test Time: 45 Minutes
    Came in Contact: 7 other players
    Items Found: 15
    Died: 8 times
    Killed: 0

    If you noticed from our 45 minute test NOBODY killed anyone, but we were all killed more than once. We came in contact with anywhere from 4 - 12 players during game time and found 4 - 29 items.

    From this test we can assume FairFight might be flagging and looking at anyone that kills over a set amount of people an hour or picks up more than a set number of items an hour.

    This is what legit looks like to FairFight

    Features list and detailed information

    - Headshot Aim for Super Fast Kills
    - Random Bone Option - Handles random bone when firing
    - Adjustable L/R and U/D Field of View
    - Fast Finder: See All Players in your rendered view distance
    - Adjustable Distance Limit for Players
    - Auto No Clip (Enable under cheats) Only works in 3rd person view for now!
    - Shoot from SZ (Do NOT attempt to shoot someone that is also in the Safe Zone. Be warned, this feature WILL get you banned in abused)
    - Visibility Checks: Know When to Fire
    - Skip CLAN MATES
    - Safe Zone Check
    - Custom Aim Key: Your Mouse or Keyboard
    - No Recoil - Ebable/Disable
    - No Spread - Ebable/Disable
    - Trigger Bot - Enable or Disable
    - Trigger Bot Delay - Time between shots fired. NOTE* This can not make a gun that normally fires slow be able to rapid fire.
    - AAL: Adjustable accuracy limiter for Aimbot (25-100%) for those who want to appear more legit.
    - Hit Speed Option: Normal, Tweaked, Quick, Faster, Blazing, Evil, Rage and Pure Evil (default)
    - On Screen Display Of Aimbot Stats

    - Item ESP
    - Name ESP
    - Player ESP
    - Zombie ESP
    - Distance ESP
    - Render Distance
    - Enhanced ESP - Center player in screen and it shows weapon ESP
    - Crosshair - This option can be enabled or disabled
    - Hide Items On Aim - Remove ESP on Aim
    - Stackable Item Display - Stack Items for easy viewing.
    - Hide Notes
    - Player, Zombie, and Item Chams
    - Reduced cham glow to remove the fuzzy objects and streaking on screen.
    - Loot Markers: Displays *DEAD_PLAYER* and distance where they died.
    - Awakened Warning (Zombie Alert) - This shows you when a Zombie is activated and tracking you. This will activate when a zombie is chasing you.

    Reputation Viewer
    Color of Player Text and Box Depends on their Reputation.
    - Neutral = Blue
    - Thug, Outlaw, Constable and Deputy = Red
    - All Higher Reps = Purple
    - Proximity Warning - Warns you a Player(s) is near you

    - Limited Stamina Tweak (Use at your own risk)
    - Server Hopping Bypass (Use at your own risk)
    - Instant Disconnect
    - Quick pickup option in menu, not instant but faster. Use at own risk.
    - No Fall Damage (Always On)
    - Superman View - Fly Up High to See the Map
    - Player Notification - See Weapons All Players Have in Weapon slot 1 & 2
    - Turn Night to Day - Make Night Time Turn to Day Anytime
    - Adjustable Distance for ESP
    - Fade ESP at Distance
    - Hide Health Items - Hide the ESP on Health Items (Bandages, Painkillers, etc...)
    - Hide Junk Items - Hide the ESP on Junk Items (Flares, Flashlights, etc...)
    - Hide Food Items - Hide the ESP on Food Items (bag Of Chips, Can Of Tuna, Soda, Water, etc...)
    - Hide Gear Items - Hide the ESP on Gear Items (Helmets, MTV Forest, etc...)

    Explanation of features.

    Auto No Clip: (Use at your own risk) By enabling this feature it will allow you to walk through most wall and other obstacles.
    It has a built in safety to not allow you to clip through the floor and falling to your death. Some obstacles can not be walked through. If when you try to go through a wall, or other object and you bounce back, then this can not be walked through.
    If for some reason you get stuck, hit the jump key to move again. Understand that is you are recorded or viewed using this by a GM you WILL get banned.
    *NOTE - Do NOT clip into a building or tree and stay thier, or go AFK. The game takes screen shots of you. If you are in a building with no doors, in a tree, on a roof and the screen shot shows this your account will get banned!!

    Return of Server Hopping: (Use at your own risk)
    You can server hop by using the instant disconnect feature, here's how:
    You must use server browser, quick connect won't work...
    1) Choose the server you want to go to (remember the name) and hit connect
    2) When game switches to the big loading screen use *Instant Disconnect
    3) Once progress bar is done you will get a timeout message press ok
    4) Join the same server you just disconnected from and let it connect normally
    5) Loot away.

    Shoot from SZ: (Use at your own risk) This feature has been added back to the cheat.
    If you are recorded using this feature, or seen by a GM in game doing it you WILL get banned. Also please understand that many weapons that are fired from the Safe Zone will end in an instant kick to the lobby. If you get kicked to the lobby, we would advise you to not use that weapon or reconsider the use of this feature

    Stackable Item Display: Stack Items for easy viewing.

    Instant Disconnect: Select your own key to be used for an Instant disconnect from the server.

    Random Bone Option: (Vis checks and aim point are always head, it is applied later in aimbot code)

    Trigger Bot: Enable or Disable. This feature will autofire for you when you lock onto a target with your aimkey.

    Trigger Bot Delay: This will adjust the delay between shots fired. (100MS = 10 shots per second) This feature will not change the fire rate of a weapon that will not shoot that fast normally.

    Headshot Aim: At this time the cheat is configured to only take head shots. For those who wish to look legit this is addressed by Random Bone Optimization.

    Adjustable L(Left)/R(Right) and U(Up)/D(Down) Field of View -

    This FOV (Field Of View) example is the same for U/D except it covers how high on your screen it will lock to a target

    Adjustable Distance Limit for Players - This allows you to set the max distance that the aimbot will lock onto a player.

    Hide Items On Aim: When enabled If you hit your Aimkey, the ESP of other items will disappear. This helps for those who may lag when aiming

    Visibility Checks: Know When to Fire - This shows you when your target is able to be hit. The color of the Bounding Box around the player will change when they are not able to be hit due to being behind cover.

    Custom Aim Key: You Mouse or Keyboard - Allows you to choose your aimkey (hotkey) that will activate the bot to lock onto a target. When this button is not held down, the bot will not attempt to lock onto a target.

    Skip CLAN MATES: The member must be in your CLAN, with your CLAN Tag for the aimbot to not lock on

    Safe Zone Check: This feature will show you how far you are from the border of the Safe Zone. This will be in GREEN when you are in the Safe Zone, and in RED when you are not in the Safe Zone.
    This feature also shows in the Enhanced ESP. If your target (Player) is in the Safe Zone, it will display a 1, if they are not in the Safe Zone it will display a 0

    To Set Aimkey

    1) Go down and highlight Set Aimkey
    2) Press Right Arrow When highlighted
    3) Press Any Key Should Appear on Screen
    4) The Next Key You Push is Set as Aimkey!

    To manually set your aimkey

    1) Go down and highlight Aimkey
    2) Press Right Arrow key and raise the number to your desired number
    3) Save your settings!!!

    See the link below for the # that is tied to the key you wish to choose
    Example: Right Mouse Click is #2


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