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Thread: My Thanks

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    My Thanks

    It is with great sorrow that I must cancel my Subscription at this time. I have been SO VERY grateful to you guys (and girlgamer for ALL of the help that you have provided me over the years that I have been here. The only game I used the hack for was for BF3 and I have actually not used the hack for many of the past 6 months + (which you can see if you check) but I kept my sub active because I want to continue to support this great organization.

    I had hoped to switch packs to start using the Crysis3 mod but I am told there is no word as to when (or if) the Crysis3 hack will be available. I just can not afford to maintain my sub at this time, for something I can not use at all (I am not single, I have a family). I hope you will understand why I am doing this at this time but I will DEFINITELY renew my sub as soon as the BF3 and/or Crysis3 hacks becomes available. I will watch closely for their release here. Again, I thank everyone so much, for all your wonderful help, you guys are the best and I hope to return here very soon.I hope you will not resent my leaving (temporarily) too much, it is just finances are a bit strained right now. Will I still be able to access any part of the forums while my sub is "on vacation?" Thanks to the Moderators as well as fellow members and of Course, DeBug and Razor!


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    Sad to see you go Dakota but RL and family comes first as always. It's been a pleasure having you in our family and I look forward to the day you return.

    Make sure you cancel your sub via your paypal account so you don't keep getting charged for it. Stop by here or the other site and say hi in the public are once in awhile, let us know how your doing. Wish you the best.

    Snake 8)

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