Hey everyone, my name is Hellrayza.

I've been a player of Bad Company 2 for just under two years. I've had a hell of a time and am a hell of a player.
Have a 4KDR average across three of my classes, and my other single class I have a 3.3 (recon).

I'm here to query about your BC2 "hacks", as my server gets frequently filled with cheaters and I wish to be able to "give them a bit of their own medicine".

I would like to know if it there is a "Hit list" or a "Shit list" so to speak, that you can put a players name on and it'll target them specifically. This way I could put the cheaters on there and target them specifically.
If not, that is fine, I'll figure out how to do something similar on my own .

When was the last detection for the Bad Company 2 Hacks?
Is it "anti punkbuster screenshot"?
What would happen if Punkbuster were to catch me using this cheat?

Thank you. I am very serious about purchasing this, pending answers however