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    What should i do ?

    :roll: Hello, Everybody
    I am new to all this hack and stuff , and i want this hack and stuff to Troll and stuff , so i wanted to ask few question.
    1.) What Premium pack should i purchase . for BF3 and MOHW
    2.) Is the Aimbot always active , i don't want to spoil by aimbotting , just want to detect enemy and kill them . any tutorial on how to use it
    3.) As recently i came to know that , Ban wave is going on BF3 , will purchasing and using this , get me banned (worried)
    4.) Is this hack easy to use , cause i shall be using any sort of hack for the first time in my life , don;t even know how these works . Saw this fpscheat videos on Youtube , so came here .
    Please Reply,

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    BF3 is down for maintenance.
    MOHW is up and running well.
    Both cheats are availible in the same pack by de.bug

    There is always a risk of being banned from using a cheat.
    Its not really a if, it is a when. No cheat can remain undetected.

    All features of the cheat can be enabled or disabled so you can use as much or as little as you wish.

    The cheat is very easy to navigate and set your options.

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