Did you know that the hack status isn't consistant across the site?

If you load the home page then click on CSS hacks it says that the CSS hack is currently up. See below.

It's not a 1 off. When loading the forums section of the site I was hit with this CSGO video where it clearly says that the hack is up and running again, despite the thread saying it's down for recoding.

I've been a member since 2007. In 2007 I bought what was apparantly a lifetime membership to the BF2 hack, but that seems to have dissappeared. Then in 2011 I purchased a BF3 hack on a 4 week subscription because the add said it works only to find it was down for recoding for 1 week of the 4 week subscription, and when it did work it kept telling me I had changed my hardware when I hadn't.

I'm just a guy, that would love a nice simple ESP hack for CSGO. I want to make the admin aware of the above problems so that they can FIX it, not to have a winge.

- Kofi