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    battlefield 3 black screen help

    hi a long time ago on here i bought a RU key of bf3 on here wen i was a vip member, i got it and installed and got it playing in english with no black screen. But this was a long time ago, now ive downloaded the latest patch for bf3 and all i see wen i join a game is the black screen. Anybody know how to fix? thx.

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    The key you got was in an email. That email is the key vendors contact.
    You will need to email that vendor to get the files needed for the latest patch.
    The only other help I can advise is to search the key site for the files you need. They have the patch files, but I am not sure of the location
    The site I will list is NOT who you got your key from, but is the only other site we will recommend to our members.


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