I realize that you are always at risk from a slick admin when you hack. I have always been able to hide my hacking by keeping my usage of the hack under control and thusly I have never been banned. Up until reciently, the hack itself had never been detected by PB.

However, the BF3 cheat has been detected several times now. . I appears the rules have changed. Now it seems like it's not "If you are detected..." but "When you are detected...". Is my interpretation true here???

I guess my questions are:

Do you know how they are detecting the hack? Is there anything we can do in the setup on our PC's to prevent or at least reduce the chance of being detected?

I was a VIP member until this started happening. Fortuantely for me, I had stopped playing the game for several weeks prior to the wave of detections that occured so no damage done here up until now. However, I really want to get back to the game but I am really hesitant to start up again with the hack under the circumstances. Can you give some advice here?