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    Question about DAYZ and CSGO

    One more question about CS:GO.

    I know you referred me to, but I was wondering when you guys would have the hack on your site as Ive never used Ilikecheats and would rather buy from you guys as a returning customer.


    I know you guys dont have a DAYZ hack, but I was wondering if you could refer me to a REPUTABLE site that does?

    Thanks for your help....

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    Ilikecheats is the same as purchasing here my good man.

    We can't recommend other cheat sites - why not make a post in the cheat request section over at ilikecheats?

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    ILikecheats is our sis site, you will see the same staff and coders there :wink:
    The CSGO and Dayz cheats won't come or will be offered at this site, I'm sorry.

    Please see the link below, it is on ILC so you'll need to register there to see it.

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