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    transaction decline

    Would there be any reason why my manual payment for the R4z8r hack is being declined? I have a 100 dollar card with a singlepending transaction. Currently, that pending transaction was my purchase of the CS:GO hack by Optix on That manual payment went through perfectly and I'm using the hack. I don't know what is going on.

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    Multiple back to back payments with are by default declined by them.
    This is their own security measure to help avoid CC fraud.
    I do not know the exact time frame as to when they allow a new transaction to be placed.
    This info or help with getting them to allow it can be gathered by contacting directly.

    Sadly we can not help on this because we do not have control over their set regulations.

    It will speed the process by using PayPal with a guest account using your CC to pay for the sub you are trying to get now.

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