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    BF3 hack status ?

    Hi all

    I'm new to the forums and want to try out the BF3 hacks, can someone confirm that this hack is still offline? because on the servers i'm playing on, (Has PB and some has streaming) i'm 99% sure that a lot of people are hacking, although i'm not sure what they are using, but having being sniped by a shotgun 400m away and having feeling of dying through people shooting me through walls is making me want to see what they are really seeing.

    Thanks all

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    Re: BF3 hack status ?

    QAZplm123, the BF3 cheat is currently down for recoding due to a detection. It should be back soon.
    There may be other cheats currently online, but PB has really been cracking down on all cheaters, and all of these other sites have multiple detections and down times as well.
    It's just a risk that you must except if you cheat.

    You can always check the status of all of our cheats here ............ CHECK CURRENT HACK STATUS FOR ALL OUR CHEATS HERE

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