I just wanted to ask if this is really happening and if you guys are just expanding your empire? I posted here before how I want more free games to hack with you FPS in control but not sure I like all my eggs in the one basket.
Posted By: GirlGamer @ Yesterday, 02:56 PM
I wanted to let all of you know that Unreal..... is back and better than ever! We will be offering all the cheats we use to have plus many more. We plan to release a new DayZ cheat, Call of Duty based cheats, all Steam based cheats, plus every other cheat you love like BlackShot, Mission Against Terror, Special Forces, Special Forces 2, Sudden Attack, Karma, Point Blank, WolfTeam, Brick Force & many other new games.

We are currently working to move the site to a faster server and then we will get the new cheat loader in place and open sales back up. By the way, my name is GirlGamer and I'll be one of the new admins here. All your other favorite mods will keep their same position. So get ready, new and exciting things are about to happen.

We are part of a brand new cheat network. Check out our other cheat sites: ilikecheats.com, FPSCheats.com & CallofDutyCheats.com