G'day De.Bug.

Have you ever considered making hax for other free to use games?

I play a lot of free FPS games like Special Force any server, Sudden Attack, Cross Fire, Wolf Team, Combat Arms, Project Blackout. I have used and still use VIP's on many of these games. I would like to have most of the VIP's in one place. I know you won't do them all but is it worth it for you in any way to do free games? I'm not sure if the likes of AvA, Crossfire and Combat Arms bring many members here which then migrate to other games you code like Battle Field and other paid games, but I was hoping you would consider at least Sudden Attack Sea. All the other sites now fail at coding that game and Sudden Attack NA. Both games have graphics which could be better but there are quite a few people that play them 2 games me included.
I would think you would generate a new market and I would always buy your VIP if you did make a hack for Sudden Attack Sea at least and I would get the high roller package on most occasions to show my appreciation.

Something for you to consider and a bit of a new direction. I think you are a pretty kool coder/hacker and it would be good to have a mature coder hacking sudden attack.

Cheers man consider this at least.