Perhaps someone has already asked about it, looking by the popularity of the game and the whole this great site.

Is there a chance for looking into DayZ mod? There are no good site with good hacks for this game, so maybe some coders from would like to look at DayZ?

It's game based on Arma II engine and right now this mod have a popularity BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, near every minute some people are purchasing this game specially to play DayZ.
That's the good reason to look at it and maybe code it - DayZ gets near 150k new users every week. That's huge amount.

Many users who know this mod will say that 15-20$ fot cdkey is a big price if they get banned, however there are many off-spin servers where you can play free.

What this game is based about? Zombie apocalypse, somehow near 150k new users are playing this game every next week. It would be awesome to know where zombies and players are (ESP) and have ability to hit them with most crap weapon from 500+ meters.

Is anyone interested in this title and would encourage the owners to create a hack for this game?