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    Can i apply to test CrossFire on Chinese?

    Just a stupid noob question perhaps.

    Im currently in China, playing only the chinese crossfire servers.
    My ping is 7-15 at all times.
    I have tryed many hacks with their anti cheat programs, and always get caught. It seems they are good at looking for them, and the bans are always 6 days or more.
    I have easy access to new accounts here, so easy to set them up.
    Id like to help test if his hacks can be used on chinese crossfire.
    It does seem this crossfire hack has been recording for well over 4 months now is it? thats a long time, though i do understand the safety first issue.

    how to find out if i can help with the chinese version only and be of any use on my spare accounts to help out and perhaps speed it up with his testing?

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    The Crossfire cheat is currently down for recoding so it's not possible at this point in time.

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